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3D Sculpted Trophy Deer Groom’s Cake, Lexington KY

3D Sculpted Trophy Deer Cake, Lexington KY

This trophy deer groom’s cake was hand-sculpted and is completely edible (except for the support structure). The bride called in somewhat of a panic. She had originally booked a simple groom’s cake with a small sculpted deer figurine with another baker. Less than 2 months from the wedding, the baker cancelled. The bride saw a photo of one of my sculpted deer cakes online and called. Luckily I had an opening & she planned this wonderful surprise groom’s cake for her fiance!

The deer stands roughly 30″ tall. The neck is carved from cake and buttercream. The head is hand-sculped from 5 lbs of modeling chocolate. The entire structure is covered in fondant and hand painted with edible color. The antlers are hand shaped from modeling chocolate with a food-safe internal structure to help with support. In front of the deer is a sign that reads “The hunt is over!”. The sign & sign holder are made from sugar paste and are hand painted with edible color.

I can’t wait to see the professional photos of this cake. As I understand it, the groom took a giant bite out of the deer’s nose! This groom’s cake fit in perfectly with the reception held at the Keene Barn at Keeneland in Lexington, KY.


3D Sculpted Trophy Deer Groom's Cake, Lexington KY

Me with the deer cake, just to show size!


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